Working Stainless Steel on Turning CNC

Working Stainless Steel on Turning CNC

In this first post of our blog of TN-TOOLS we are going to dedicate to talk about our recommendations and opinions on how to work the stainless steel in the turning

Our experience as sellers of cutting tools of various brands, it is said that when it comes to spinning in stainless steel, it is always discussed the screw inserts of such manufacturer the best quality of customers than others. But for other types of work on the lathe the best of the other plates of another manufacturer. And that is very true, since we are talking about a market with a huge variety of models, materials and manufacturers; However depending on the type of company working in this sector, you may not always have as many different models for each type of job.

It is the case of those who carry out repairs, short series or very different jobs. The quality TT9225 of the Korean manufacturer Taegutec works very well in this sense, in the same way as the qualities AC630M and AC6040M of the Japanese manufacturer Sumitomo you can find in the following link.


From our point of view, we can say that the double face breakers of the MM class in the MC7025 quality of the MITSUBISHI brand, with the CVD coating, are recommended for stainless steel with the general (stable) cut and the adaptation very well All kinds of jobs

They break chips ES in their quality US7020 and US735 of the brand MITSUBISHI, CVD coating, is recommended for stainless steel with general cut with (unstable)

Leave your comments, to try from the team, and subscribers to improve and expand our range of products.


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    Oct 18, 2017

    Un post muy interesante sobre como trabajar el acero. Gran trabajo

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    Apr 16, 2020


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    May 8, 2021

    威而鋼的服用時間 建議在性生活前30~60分鐘服用。服用案例證明服用威而鋼最快的起效時間為13分鐘,平均起效時間為36分鐘,勃起成功率達87%。為了發揮更好的藥效,患者可以根據自身的年齡(年齡越大藥效吸收越慢)提高或者縮短用藥的時間。

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    Jun 3, 2021


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